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Mephisto by KICKZ

MEPHISTO: Handmade sneakers from France

>>> mehr InfoMephisto, the French premium label is from the small town of Sarrebourg. It was founded there in 1965 by designer and shoe engineer Martin Michaeli and has relied on high-quality materials and loving workmanship ever since. Small wonder that MEPHISTO has been voted the best shoe brand in France several times. The company’s passion for shoes can be seen above all in the workmanship: MEPHISTO uses only high-quality natural materials such as leather, which is free of harmful components, and every shoe is handcrafted. While each piece of leather and each seam is unique, even the highest quality shoes count for nothing if they are uncomfortable. After all, nowadays we wear our sneakers 24/7, which is why MEPHISTO not only relies on traditional shoe craftsmanship, but also on modern technology. The secret is the innovative soft air technology. It incorporates a soft, flexible midsole that cushions your feet in shocks and on hard surfaces. The spine, intervertebral discs and joints are optimally protected. The result is a premium, highly comfortable sneaker. In our experience, we found that attention to detail pays off, as MEPHISTO sneakers inspire with their perfect fit and unique comfort.

MEPHISTO ensures elegant sportiness

MEPHISTO sneakers combine classic sports shoes with modern designs. With our exclusive assortment at KICKZ Premium, we have put together our favourite models for you. Here you will find mainly sporty sneaker models with casual lacing and high-quality materials such as leather or suede. Classic colours such as black and brown make the shoes look even better. That’s why your new MEPHISTO sneakers will be an outfit highlight while you can match them to minimalist, sporty outfits as well as to extravagant ones. Either way, we assure you: MEPHISTO sneakers play in their own league when it comes to quality and comfort!